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Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program

Targeting marathon and half marathon events in the fall and winter months. Those new to running may target marathons in late November and later months, such as Space Coast, Disney, Celebration, and 26.2 with Donna marathons, as well as half marathons in October or later, such as Lighthouse Loop, Wine and Dine, and OUC. ANYBODY who is targeting earlier marathons such as Chicago and NYC - first long run mileage will be 10 or 12 miles for these races, so keep up your spring training. Next session dates: June 2017 - February 2018. Registration will open in Spring 2017.

Anybody interested in joining our water/Gatorade support crew, please contact programdirector@orlandogalloway.com to get the registration discount code, BEFORE registering.

Registration for 2017
-REMINDER: Returning runners, you may select to receive a Galloway visor INSTEAD of a Galloway shirt, when you register. The system requires you to select a shirt size, but if you want a visor, just select that also, and I'll order the visor for you instead of the shirt.
-Alumni Recruiting Discount! Returning runners, if you recruit 2 new members to our program, you get 50% off your own registration fee. If you bring 3 new members, you get free registration. NO REFUNDS! How this works: Hold off on your registration until your recruits register. After they register, provide their names to the Program Director (programdirector@orlandogalloway.com) to get your special discount code. The offer is not available if you have already registered as we do not process refunds.

Half Marathon Training Program

Targeting 2018 half marathons ONLY, such as WDW half marathon, Celebration half, 26.2 with Donna half marathon and Disney Princess half marathon. Next session dates: September 2017 - February 2018. Online registration will open in late summer 2017.

The Galloway Method

The Galloway training method, designed by Olympian and long-time marathoner Jeff Galloway, is a unique run/walk/run® style of training that minimizes injuries and enables participants to achieve their goal of completing a marathon or a half-marathon. The Mission statement for Galloway is to help people improve their lives through running. The run/walk/run method enables participants to do so while having fun. Track Shack's Orlando Galloway Training Program provides marathon and half marathon training for runners of all levels: from beginners to Boston qualifiers. Pace groups are set up to ensure a comfortable and safe training pace for the long mileage runs. This run/walk/run® program prepares participants for an incredible achievement. Check out the FAQ for more details, and watch the brief video below to hear what our runners say about the Orlando Galloway Program.

Weekly Meeting Times and Locations

Glenridge Middle School (map/directions)

Tuesdays 4:45 am meet at back parking lot of school (use Upper Park Rd to get there), in the covered drop-off area facing parking lot (finish by 6 am)
Thursdays 4:45 am meet at track (finish by 6 am)
Saturdays 5:45 am* (may begin earlier depending on mileage) meet at covered bus lane facing Glenridge Way (finish time depends on distance that day)

Monday Night Option in June and July:
Assistant Program Directory Kerrie Gregory will coach a Monday evening workout, at 6 pm. Meet at Glenridge Middle School, in the back parking lot, off of Upper Park Rd (same place as the Tuesday morning workout.)

Evening Options August-February:
During the week, Galloway members can run with Track Shack's Zero to Fit program, which meets 2 nights per week in 2 different locations (Glenridge and Lake Mary.) Click here for more details.

Evening Option All Year Long:
Wednesdays 5:45 PM meet behind Track Shack for their weekly group run on the Urban Trail.


Ample parking is located in the lot behind the school, which can be reached via Upper Park Rd. This lot should always be used on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and once the bus lane parking fills on Saturdays. Cars parked on the grass along Glenridge Way, or in front of the gates to the school utility area are likely to be towed or ticketed.

Contact Us

Email: programdirector@orlandogalloway.com

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