Runner Responsibilities

Group Leaders Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with your group (via email, website, Facebook) regarding plans for Saturday runs.
  • Coordinate mileage and plan routes/schedule for Saturday runs.
  • Maintain the proper slow pace for Saturday long runs.
  • Monitor runners for signs of struggle, heat illness, disorientation, or discomfort.
  • Ensure no runner is left behind.
  • Follow and enforce all traffic safety rules.
  • Call 911 in case of an emergency.
  • Circulate among all runners.
  • Encourage, coach, cheerlead - make every run a fun experience!

Runners Responsibilities:

  • Read Laura's weekly email for important announcements and safety tips.
  • Read your group leader's weekly email for details about that week's workouts. These are also posted in your training group's page.
  • Communicate with your group leader so they know to expect you at each run.
  • Arrive on time to all runs. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to park and warm up, and be ready to hit the road at the scheduled start time.
  • Stay with the group. The long runs are supposed to be slow, so don't run ahead of your group leader. This is a safety issue and injury risk for slower runners that may try to keep up with you.
  • If the pace feels too fast, tell your group leader immediately. You should not struggle at all during the long runs; there should be no huffing and puffing, and you should be able to easily carry on a conversation.
  • Use the run/walk interval designated by your group leaders for that Saturday's run. This will be based on Galloway training guidelines, and will factor in heat and humidity.
  • Become familiar with the signs and symptoms of heat illness.
  • Learn our most frequent running routes after about 2-3 months of training.
  • Follow traffic safety rules.
  • Let your group leader know if you have any medical conditions that may become a factor during a run, such as asthma, diabetes, recent illnesses or injuries, etc.

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