Traffic Safety Rules

All participants are responsible for their own safety. Participants agree to follow the safety rules for pedestrians as stated by the Florida Department of Transportation: "Where sidewalks are provided, no pedestrian shall, unless required by other circumstances, walk or run along and upon the portion of a roadway paved for vehicular traffic. Where sidewalks are not provided, a pedestrian walking or running along and upon a highway shall, when practicable, walk or run only on the shoulder on the left side of the roadway in relation to the pedestrian's direction of travel, facing traffic which may approach from the opposite direction."

This means you must:

  1. Run facing traffic so you can see and hear oncoming cars.
  2. Run single file. Do not block the road or sidewalk.
  3. Run on the sidewalks when possible.
  4. Get out of the way of oncoming cars; do not challenge them.
  5. Watch for cars making right-hand turns into you.
  6. Ignore verbal harassment.
  7. Make yourself visible! Wear light colored, reflective clothing and/or lights.
  8. NO I-pods or headsets! You need to be able to hear traffic and your pace group. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  9. Listen for directions from your pace group. For example: car back, car up, runners up, bikes up, potholes or bumps, turns, etc.
  10. Obey all traffic lights, traffic signs, and use cross-walks.
  11. Learn our running routes. Know the street names.
  12. NEVER run alone! Always run with a companion.
  13. Carry a cell phone with you. Put your phone in a Ziploc bag to protect it from getting wet and place it in a running belt.
  14. Carry your car key with you. Do not hide your key around your car.
  15. Conceal any valuables left in your car - we have had break-ins!
  16. Carry identification. Include your name, emergency contact, any drug allergies, medical conditions, blood type, etc.
  17. Carrying pepper spray or a noisemaker is recommended.
  18. In the event of any emergencies, call 911.
  19. If running on trails, stay to the right.
  20. RACE ETIQUETTE TIP: in races, stay to the right and signal when you are about to stop for a walk break. Raise your hand and call out "Walking". Do NOT walk or run more than 2 abreast.
  21. Report any incidents to your Program Director.

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